Cutting Tools

Our Selection of Cutting Tools

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Shop at Serv-Us Industrial for the right machine cutting tools for your construction projects. Find a concave, straight- or staggered-tooth slitting saw made from high-speed steel designed for slitting or deep-slotting operations. No matter what type of machine cutting tools you need for your shop, count on  Serv-Us Industrial to offer it.
Masonry Drill Bits

Specialty drill bits, flat bottom boring bits, countersink drill bits, counterbore drill bits, twist drills.

Drill Bits

With dozens of drill bit types and thousands of sizes to choose from.

Step Drills

Pick the appropriate step drill bits to avoid the hassle of having to change your drill bits and to increase your speed of fixture installation.
Saw Blades

Make safe cuts using the blades from  Serv-Us Industrial. We offer table saws, radial-arm saws, chop saw, sliding compound miter saws, and more.


There's no shortage of quality options at  Serv-Us Industrial and the sheer volume of available blades could bewilder even an experienced construction or woodworker.
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