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Protect workers at your worksite with the safety supplies from Serv-Us Industrial. When choosing safety equipment you will want to consider the work being done, possible hazards, and what safety products workers will need. Choose from a wide variety of available safety products including boots, tarps, safety fences and more. Find safety equipment to prevent falls, work in confined spaces, and to avoid serious head injuries. Stock up on safety supplies today and save money with Northern Safety.
Safety Fences

Guide foot traffic through or around specific areas with the fences at Serv-Us Industrial. Our safety fences are ideal for crowd control, civic events, golf tournaments, and especially construction sites.

Safety Cones

Choose black-bottom or solid orange for road cones, parking cones, and soccer cones when you shop at Serv-Us Industrial. We also offer white valet cones, blue accessibility cones, and pop-up LED cones in lime green.


Select a construction tarp that fits your safety needs within a range of high quality constructions tarps. Our tarps are string-reinforced and fire retardant and are made with durable weaves.


Find a pair of durable work boots to use for clean ups, concrete, mud and other activities that require the highest level of heavy duty protection.
Rain Gear

Highly visible, flame resistant, and loaded with special features. We offer a range soft in cold temperatures and absorbs perspiration in hot weather. Our rain gear is waterproof and wind resistant.

Water Coolers 

Pick the perfect water cooler for you and your employees. Our Water Coolers come in various styles and are able to provide both cold and hot water.

Safety Vests

Our high visibility safety vests were created to ensure the safety of highway and construction workers. All of our safety vests are made using the longest lasting material and have high reflection in a wide range of colors.

Hard Hats

Hard hats are used in a wide variety of industries including construction, manufacturing, utility and mining. Hard hats are sure to keep your head protected from falling objects. All hats have a rain trough and the slot for accessories.
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